John M. Browning Collection

Browning was trying to rebrand its luxuous John M. Browning Collection with the help of some of the most prestigious British shooting instructors. The handmade aspect of the rifles was of utmost importance and Browning's Herstal (Belgium) factory opened its doors to give birth of magnificent pictures, displayed throughout this catalogue.

Premium-looking was the key word here.

To give that superior quality feel to the catalogue, superior quality paper and finishing touches were selected accordingly. Sturdy mat paper was a must, coupled with a slight embossing on the Collection's logo and UV coating.

Category: Editorial Design
Agency: Image & Communication
Client: Browning International S.A.
Role: French catalogue design & production

John M Browning 0
John M Browning 1b
John M Browning 1
John M Browning 2
John M Browning 3
John M Browning 4
John M Browning 5

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